Dog Training Madison
Madison , Wisconsin (WI) Madison provides a professional dog training service in Madison and surrounding areas.

At dog training Madison WI, we offer a variety of training programs and packages that are designed to fit the unique needs of both you and your dog. Whether you are looking to teach your dog some basic obedience commands or want to correct some problematic behaviors, we work with dogs of any breed, size, age, or temperament with training tailored to suit them. Our main aim of the training is to help you create a better bond with your dog.

If you work for a groomer, boarding kennel, or veterinary clinic and want to learn more about new training methods, dog training Madison WI would love to see you at our Lunch and Learn program, with lunch on us! Our professional trainers can visit your workplace to teach some handy tips and tricks for dog training, along with other important issues such as dealing with canine behavioral problems and bite prevention. We’ll share our balanced, attention-based training and the latest scientifically proven methods. If you’d like to set up a Lunch and Learn session, give us a call.

Private Lesson

Our Private Lesson programs are customized to fit around your needs, lifestyle, and goals. You will be working one-on-one with a professional trainer who will collaborate with you to develop specific training and motivation strategies that are designed to work well for your dog. The Private Tutor Program is the best choice for dog owners who want to be as personally involved as possible in their dog’s training and success. You’ll receive 100% of your trainer’s attention and the opportunity to learn how to be more successful when it comes to training your dog at home.


Our Doggy Day Camp or Day & Train programs are an ideal option if you have a busy schedule. You’ll drop your dog off with our trainers in the morning and throughout the day they will receive one-on-one customized training and continue positive reinforcement. Unlike our Private Lessons program, this training program gives our trainers more opportunities to observe your dog’s response to different stimuli over time, allowing them to come up with the best strategies for success. When you come to collect your dog at the end of the day, we’ll go over what we’ve worked on and provide instructions for keeping up the good work with them at home.

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Board & Train

Our Transformation University Board and Train programs are designed to completely immerse your dog in training over a prolonged period filled with realistic and fun training exercises to provide them with a solid foundation of commands. Your dog will stay with us at our training facility under the care of our trainers, who are committed to providing your dog with a safe, warm, fun, and friendly atmosphere. Your dog will receive one-on-one training and continual positive reinforcement throughout their stay. We’ll work on providing your dog with proper structure, boundaries, and leadership and we can also spend time working on any issues you may have been experiencing with your dog. Our Board and Train program is an ideal alternative to traditional boarding if you’re going on vacation.

Group Classes

If you have just added a new puppy to your family, bring them along to our six-week puppy class which is held several times per year. During the classes, we’ll help you avoid making some of the most common mistakes and provide an opportunity for your puppy to socialize with other dogs and humans during these crucial first few weeks of their lives. We’ll work on basic commands, puppy essentials like toilet training, and help you start building a special bond with your new pup.


Madison is the capital city of the US state of Wisconsin. With an estimated population of 259,680, it is the second-most populous city in Wisconsin and also the fastest-growing. The city is home to Henry Vilas Zoo, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Wisconsin State Capitol, and an extensive network of bike trails and parks that are ideal for leash training. There are eight National Historic Landmarks in Madison including the Herbert and Katherine Jacobs First House, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.