Dog Training Elmhurst
Elmhurst , Illinois (IL) Elmhurst provides a professional dog training service in Elmhurst and surrounding areas.

When you work with, you will get valuable training techniques and advice that will help you and your pet to grow into a bonded and successful pair of partners. We want all of our clients to enjoy the best possible relationship with their pets, and we make it easy for this goal to be met. You will get all the information that you need to create a lasting partnership with your pet. We work with all ages and breeds of dogs, and we can help you to craft the best training plan for your unique needs.

Private Lessons

The private lessons program lets owners and pets work one-on-one with a trainer to get the maximum value for your time. You will get hands-on help with tough skills and work on new tasks, and training with an easily distracted dog in a more helpful environment. Even if your pet is not easily distracted, this kind of dog training can be the perfect way to make sure that you and your canine friend work well together. If you want to be able to focus intensely on setting goals and working on hard skills, this is the perfect kind of training to pick for your needs.


Day camps offer the best of both worlds for you and your dog. You can drop your pet off with us, and we will keep them for an entire day while you are away. Important and tough skills will be tackled, and your pet will be shown new experiences with the skilled supervision of a trainer. There is no need to worry that your pet will miss out on the necessary skills when they are with our trainers for their day camp experience.

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Board & Train

If you need to head out on a trip or are going to be away for a while, you should consider the Board & Train program for your needs. We can keep your pet with us for the duration of your vacation or work trip and help them to gain new skills, work on trouble spots and develop new confidence through the guidance of their trainer. Being away from their comfort zone can help some dogs to grow in their confidence and gain new trust in their own skillset. You will love that your pet will continue in their training even when you are away when you select Board & Train for your needs.

Group Classes

Group classes can be a lot of fun and can help test the waters to see if your dog has learned to focus on you when there are distractions around them. These classes are held in public locations like parks and dog-friendly businesses, and you will be able to see if your canine companion can handle the challenge of these distractions while still maintaining their focus on you. You will meet other dog owners, and your pet can practice socialization as well as other important skills. Being sure that your pet can handle the challenges of social interaction when there are distractions is a big and important skill that can be learned through attending group classes.


Elmhurst is one of the older cities in Illinois and has a rich history that is imparted by the local tribes who lived in the area as well as the travelers who moved into the area and built the town. Learn about early American history or enjoy fun outdoor activities when you move here or visit the city.

Elmhurst is a great place to live and offers lots of fun activities as well as a peaceful and scenic quiet that many people appreciate. There is no shortage of little coffee shops and great restaurants to visit here, and you will find that you and your friends and family can have lots of fun every day of your visit. If you are moving here, you will not be disappointed by the variety of things to do and see.