Dog Training Wheaton
Wheaton , Illinois (IL) Wheaton provides a professional dog training service in Wheaton and surrounding areas.

We have the ideal dog and puppy training center for you if you are a resident of Wheaton, Illinois. At, our team of expert professionals is at your service to enable best-in-class training lessons to your canine.

Our offerings range from private lessons, group classes, immersive activities, and so on. The staff has the know-how and rich experience to properly handle your dog irrespective of their gender, temperament, and age.

Private Lessons

Take part in the training regimen from close quarters by leveraging our private lessons program. You will get the opportunity to work side by side with our experts and learn the process of successfully upskilling your dog.

We also provide you the option to choose the venue of training. You can either select the comfort of your home or select our well-equipped training facility for the classes. Our staff will professionally deal with any problems that may arise during the entire activity.


Take advantage of our exclusive day training camp that provides dual benefits of private lessons and immersive training. You can drop your dog in our facility as you leave for the office in the secured hands of our trainers, and we will take care of the rest. For the assigned eight hours, your dog will participate in a series of fun games and immersive activities that will develop their physical and cognitive abilities.

In case if your dog needs special care and attention, we have got that part covered for you as well. You can let us know if there are any specific goals you wish to achieve from this program, and we will tailor this program customized to those.

We also provide flexibility in pick up and drop times to our loyal customers, and the training sessions are available seven days of the week. In addition, we also provide you with goodies and resources that you can take home with your buddy, and that will help in resuming the excellent work we initiated during the day.

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Board & Train

Imparting foundational level training lessons to your dog can be a huge issue if they display behavioral issues. If your dog is aggressive and skittish in nature, additional effort and time are required to implement corrective action. Do not worry as we have the perfect service offering for you.

Our board and train program will facilitate intense attention-improving exercises and fun activities for your dog. We have a pro team of certified trainers who will be involved in this program, and they will ensure to transform your dog into a well-rounded and disciplined addition to your family.

Group Classes

After you and your buddy have undergone the previous phases of training programs, you will get access to our group classes. This access is available throughout the lifetime of your dog. You can join us in a safe and secure environment with other dogs and their owners.

This activity will also provide a solid platform to strengthen the learning levels of your dog as they will undergo the classes with increased distractions. As the pet parent, you can also leverage these sessions to discuss with our staff and other dog owners their experiences and takeaways.

We also focus on improving the adaptability factor of your dog. This aspect is taken care of by switching the training venue once in a while. Apart from the training centers, we host the sessions in dog-friendly locations like beaches, parks, and pet stores.


Wheaton is a suburb in the Chicago region of Illinois state of the US. With a population of over 50,000, it is one of the most residential-friendly areas in the state. The suburb is located in DuPage county, around 25 miles west of Chicago.

The region brings in many tourists due to the eco-friendly landscapes and an abundance of recreational locales like restaurants, parks, and shopping centers. Historically significant buildings like the Courthouse also add fame to the place. It is also well known for the prestigious Wheaton college known for its elite liberal arts programs. The rise of quality healthcare centers in and around Wheaton has enabled expert medical care to the suburban residents.