Is A Rottweiler A Good Guard Dog?
[The Final Guide]

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

The appearance says it all. Rottweilers are naturally engineered to be the quintessential guard dogs. The assertive posture and intimidation look is more than sufficient for any professional burglar to break a sweat. 

The Rottweiler breed is ideally suited for protecting your home and family members. They have the talent to identify the good people from imposters if trained well. This is an excellent quality to have in any guard dog. You do not want your dog to attack a mailman passing by but expect the canine to be ruthless against thieves and imposters. 

This article will detail why there are seldom any other dog breeds that beat the ferocity and efficiency of a Rottweiler. We will also dive into how you can impart the proper training routine to your Rottie. So, let’s begin without any further ado.

Qualities that Make Rottweilers the Ideal Guard Dogs

Rotties click as the gold standing of guard dogs due to a plethora of reasons. In this section, we will look at some of the main categories:

Solid Personality

Often misunderstood as over-aggressive, if appropriately trained, they are loyal, gentle, and adequately social dog breeds. They have the traits to be fun-loving playmates for your kids and alert and observe in nature to prevent any harm from befalling upon them.

Physical Attributes

Although large in stature, they quickly adapt inside homes. They are muscular and brimming in energy. These aspects make physical workouts mandatory for them to maintain their energy levels and vigor. If not, they will become overweight and start to feel lethargic and sluggish. 

With a healthy diet, regular exercise, and training circuits, Rotties can be transformed into a force to be reckoned with.

Low Maintenance

Rotties have a thin coat of fur; this makes the brushing and grooming needs a minimum. This being said, there will be a small amount of shedding, but within manageable limits only. This attribute is favorable for pet parents as they can dedicate more time to the dog’s training rather than on grooming.

High in Energy

Rottweilers are energetic souls in general. They belong to the category, “Work hard, play hard.” Being intelligent and loyal to the core, they will respond well to obedience training and are apt for service-related work in the police force or the defense departments.

Playing the Role of Family Dog

Socialization is a great chisel for Rotties to edge out the anger-ridden edges from their persona. Being able to interact well within the family would make good caretakers of small kids and other members. They will go to any extent to protect your home from mishaps and thieves.

Extra-Protection for Kids

They treat the kids/infants of the family with that much love and affection as if they were the Rotties’ puppies. But be aware of the fact that sometimes Rottweilers are unaware of their big size. Ensure the presence of adults at all times when your kid and the dog are in proximity.

Controllable Aggression

Both the male and female Rottweiler possess a tendency to get aggressive when situations seem undesirable to them. They display signs of aggression via reactions that include growling, snarling, and vigorous barking. 

If they receive timely training and socialization, this tendency can be kept under control. Do not forget the importance of positive reinforcement for even the slightest of advancements the Rotties show. This measure from the dog owner can help fast-track the training process greatly.

These are some of the primary character traits that answer the question, “Are Rottweilers good family guard dogs?

But, having answered this question, another one arises. Which gender of Rotties is better at guarding your home? We will focus on this aspect in the upcoming section.

Male Rottweiler vs. Female Rottweiler: Who is better as a Guard Dog?

The answer to this is dependent on the owner and the requirements you’re looking for from your Rottie.

Male Rottweilers

As with the case of most dog breeds, the males are more energetic and generally happy. Although, they tend to act more mischievously in comparison to females. Character maturity of males consumes more time too.

Female Rottweilers

There is no doubt that female Rotties are good as guard dogs, but they tend to be more docile and gentle at times. This trait may not work when dealing with unwanted guests at home. They are soft, kind, and deeply affectionate towards the family member at home.

Final Verdict

So, to answer the burning question, males fare better as guard dogs in general. They are physically stronger, protective, and fierce when it comes to handling unwanted situations at home. There can be exceptions. Like humans, dog traits are also subjective to some extent.

In the following section, we will talk about one of the crucial elements for a Rottweiler owner, i.e., training.

How to Train Your Rottweiler into an Excellent Guard Dog?

A trained Rottie can switch into a merciless dog towards home invaders and a gentle companion for the family with utmost ease.  Your dog will act neutral towards animals/people that do not pose a viable threat.

Start Early

Your dog responds far better to the training routine once they are accustomed to the same from an early age. It thus becomes imperative to train your Rottie from the puppy phase. Basic training activities (like sit/stand or stay) can be performed in your backyard. Being territorial by nature, your dog would then consider this location as their own turf, making the overall experience comfortable for them.

Recognizing Boundaries

Training also helps your dog to understand the physical property boundaries within their supervision. Making them run around the property lines or frequent walks around your premises can be an effective way in making them identify their area of supervision.

Controlling Impulses

One of the challenges while handling a Rottie is their behavior to act on impulses. This aspect can make them unpredictable. A sudden attack on a family member, friend, or colleague who visits your home can be devastating. Untrained Rotties will not hesitate to pounce on strangers in no time.

Impart rigorous training to your buddy to avoid such unwanted scenes. They must be made to act appropriately or contextually according to the person. Once your dog masters the “Stay” command, this situation can be avoided easily.

Initial Testing Phase

Once you feel confident enough to say that your dog has crossed the impulse control phase, you can start testing the progress of training. You can assign a simple task like asking your dog to guard the courtyard.

Tell someone unfamiliar to the dog to knock at your front gate and then see the Rottie’s reaction. This person should be someone whose figure and scent are unknown to your dog.

Reinforce Good Behavior

If your dog started growling or barking at the stranger in the previous test, that is the desired result you want as a dog owner. Ensure to give them a treat or comfort them. These actions will make them realize you’re happy with their services, and it will help reinforce this behavior in the future.

A point to keep in mind is that the tests may not be a grand success each time. They may go behind the stranger for the first few attempts, licking them and wagging their tails. That is perfectly normal as a learning curve is involved in training. Do not feel frustrated when the pace of learning tends to slow down. Despite being a fast-learning breed, each Rottie’s rate of grasping the command varies, and you have to be patient and considerate as a loving dog owner.

As and when they move forward in the training response, give them a tasty treat for their excellent work. With practice, they will undoubtedly improve in learning new tricks and commands.

Show Some Trust

Rotties are fiercely loyal, and they desperately want to impress you with the progress they make. Around the time they complete one year of age, give them an opportunity to guard your property once they have passed the initial testing phase.

You will not be disappointed in the results. Their smartness and sharp observation skills will bowl you over.

Master Guardian

When the training progression has completed the beginner phase, you can start taking things up a notch. Bring in a few distractions while your dog detects the presence of a stranger in your courtyard. For instance, place a tasty treat or a juicy bone in their vicinity, and check how they react. 

Once they reach an advanced level, they will prioritize safeguarding the house over a mere treat. You can also try the urge resistance method. Place some of your dog’s favorite snacks in front of them and command them not to eat the same. Leave them in a room and test if they listen to your order in your absence.

This test is a great way to analyze their mental toughness. This skill requires high mind control. If you Rotties succeed, give them a large treat as they deserve it.

Location Dependence

If your home is located near points of public interest like hospitals, malls, local stores, or schools, you have to be cautious of the dog’s excessive barking. The number of strangers crossing by will be higher, so the level of training you need to impart your pup would need to be that much more.

These are some of the key considerations you, as a pet parent, need to prioritize. An untrained Rottie can lead to enough trouble where the outcome can be pretty bitter.

Legal Ramifications

The last thing you want is to get a legal notification from one of your neighbors due to the ruckus caused by your Rottie. In addition, obedience training is to avoid unwanted injuries to people in your locality. Having your Rottweiler leashed at all times while your outside with your dog is a necessity.

In certain states of the USA, the law dictates euthanasia if a dog bites two or more humans, suffers from rabies, or if it is proven that the owner has raised the dog to fight and kill humans.

Such legal issues can affect not only the dog but you and your family members too. Therefore, we strongly advise you to practice the training techniques we discussed in this article for everyone’s benefit.

Wrapping It Up

In this article, we have elaborated the response to the question, “Do Rottweilers make good guard dogs.” Yes, of course, they do as long as you keep specific pointers in mind.

The basics of obedience are mandatory for your canine. Ensure healthy socialization sessions with other dogs and people to chisel off the aggressive impulses from your Rottie. From a gender perspective, male dogs are more suited for fierce guarding duty and service work.  

If your dog is still showing signs of uncontrollable aggression and mood swings, enroll your buddy with a professional dog trainer right away despite following the training techniques. Accurately follow the suggested plan of action prescribed by them. 

Rotties, like any other dog breed, tend to display lousy behavior when challenged with health issues. We strongly advise you not to miss your dog’s regular medical checkups with your trusted veterinarian

With training and reinforcements in tandem, your Rottweiler can turn out to be a valuable family asset for many years. Being loyal and protective, reciprocate their affection by giving the love and attention they deserve. That would mean a world of happiness to them.