10 Best Led Collar For Dogs

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

The Definitive Guide For The Best Led Dog Collars

The last thing any dog owner wants is to be frantically looking for their precious pup in the dark. Unfortunately, this happens often, leaving many of us dreading night walks or taking the well-lit roads to be safe.

If this is a problem for you and your pooch, the best option is to invest in a LED dog collar. These tech-savvy collars are perfect for keeping an eye on the dog, plus they work in other vision-obscuring situations like fog and snow too.

I’ve been there, chasing after my pup for ages in the dark – I just wish I invested in one of these sooner. Not only that, but once we got the collar, my kids were more interested in coming on walks too, fun for all the family! Since there are so many options out there, we’ve made a list of all the best ones to save you time.

1. BSEEN LED Dog Collar- Best USB Rechargeable Collar

In a world when we are spending more and more time focusing on emails and work life, sometimes it can be easy to forget to buy batteries or stock up on charging cables. This is when the BSEEN LED Dog Collar is very handy; its ability to be plugged in by USB saves lots of time and lots of trips to the shops – no need for a last-minute battery run here.

The collar also features three different light settings – slow flash, quick flash, and steady glow. These can all be activated with an easy push-button, making the collar easy and straightforward to use. It’s also designed to be durable and tough; no matter how excitable or adventurous your dog is, it won’t break easily. The collar’s flexibility also allows it to twist into different shapes without affecting the LED light structure.

This is a ‘one size fits all’ collar, measuring at approx 70cm in circumference. However, it can be cut to any length using scissors to fit your pet without affecting the light structure. Once cut, the end simply fits back into the fastening to clip securely around the dog’s neck. This is an excellent option for anyone buying their first LED collar and wants a sleek design since it’s USB chargeable, durable, and can fit most dogs.

– Easy USB charger
– Three light mode options
– ‘One size fits all’
– Durable
– Can’t fit over 70cm in circumference

BSEEN LED Dog Collar

2. LED Dog Collars PcEoTllar – Best Range Of LED Color Settings

While some may be shopping for LED collars for functionality, if you do want to branch out and find one with a bit of flare, this is a good option. With seven changeable LED colors, this collar is great fun. It also comes with a choice of strap, allowing you to opt for a simple black one or other fun hues. The seven colors are easy to swap between and provide excellent high visibility.

This collar is perfect for those who like to walk in the rain or have a dog that loves a swim as it’s completely waterproof! Just make sure the USB charging port is secured tightly by the lid when you put it on. This is also an ideal feature for any camping trips or holidays. The collar itself is made from wide optical fibers, soft nylon wedding, soft rubber and is finished with a sturdy stitched buckle. There’s also a durable chrome-plated D-ring for any accessories; make it as fashionable as you want!

Comfort is always key, and this collar is lightweight despite its durability, making it easy to wear for any dog. For any dog fond of night walks or a bit of rain, I would 100% suggest this collar. The seven color settings are also a great addition if you have young kids or are fond of creative dog accessories.

– Seven different colors
– Waterproof
– USB chargeable
– Lightweight design
– No flashing LED setting

LED Dog Collars PcEoTllar

3. Illumifun LED Dog Collar – Best Brightness

When shopping for an LED dog collar, the most important factor for most people will be visibility strength. Some collars available have a multitude of features; however, some reviews suggest that they’re not up to standard when it comes to visibility. If you want to avoid this issue, check out the Illumifun LED collar. This collar is made with a reflective strip to give off as much light as possible and is so bright you can see the dog up to 300 yards away; your dog will always be in the spotlight.

The Illumifun comes with three glow modes: quick flash, slow flash, or steady glow, and they’re all easily activated with a touch button. The collar itself is made from nylon webbing with a light guide to improve visibility and safety. The collar can be adjusted via a secure buckle to fit a range of dogs, and it also features a heavy-duty D-ring to connect to a leash.

Like most LED collars, this can be charged by USB for a quick two-hour change that lasts for 2-3 hours on steady glow or eight to ten hours on a quick flash setting. The collar is lightweight and comfortable, so there are no worries about your dog being in discomfort either!

– Reflective material and very visible light
– Three glow modes
– Adjustable buckle
– Lightweight and comfortable
– Some may want different color options

Illumifun LED Dog Collar

4. Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar – Best For 350 Yards Visibility

Safety is critical when dog walking, so ensuring your dog’s LED collar can be seen from a distance is an essential factor to consider. The Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar can be seen clearly from 350 yards away, even when near bright traffic, making sure you and your pup are always safe. The collar can be easily charged and will run for approximately seven hours, leaving no worries about it running out mid-walk.

The collar features evenly spaced bulbs on a slim strip for a streamlined look; the bulbs are controlled by a simple and off switch. There are three modes for the lights – on, strobe and blink, allowing different visibilities. If you fancy a more colorful option, don’t worry, there are ten other colorways to choose from, ranging from white light to pinks and blues.

This is a great collar to go for if you value function and safety; it’ll keep your dog well-lit without worries of running out mid-walk. The brand, Blazin’ Safety, also offers a lifetime warranty on the collar so returns and replacements are nothing to worry about either.

– 350-yard visibility
– Three light modes
– Rechargeable
– Different color options
– Some may want a waterproof option

Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar

5. NOVKIN 2-Pack LED Dog Collar – Best For A Two Collar Deal

When collar shopping, it’s common to find ‘two for one’ offers, but how do you know they’re worth investing in? The NOVKIN LED collar offers a bundle deal of two, which is great if you have more than one dog or want to interchange collars. Plus, it’s always handy to have a spare one as we all know dog collars go missing!

The collars are USB rechargeable and take an hour to charge to full battery; this will then provide six hours of working light. The long battery life is handy for those who like long walks or want to take the collars on overnight trips. The collar is also weather-resistant and dust resistant, allowing it to perform well in all weather conditions. The LED lights have three modes and are visible up to 500 meters.

The collars are a ‘one size fits all’ size since they can be cut down to fit your dog without compromising the LED lights. Without being adjusted, the collar measures 27.5 inches when undone and has an 8inch diameter when done up. These collars also have a 12-month warranty and a lifetime of customer service.

– Two-pack deal
– Visible up to 500 meters
– Adjustable size
– USB rechargeable
– Some may want a thicker collar design

NOVKIN 2-Pack LED Dog Collar

6. Tekkery Light Dog Collar – Best For Use During Day And Night

Sometimes visibility is bad in the daytime, and the evening, so a LED collar that can be visible in fog, snow, and darkness is needed. The Tekkery collar uses high brightness LED light to protect the dog’s safety and be seen in brighter day settings. There are three light settings to choose from, too, allowing you to opt for the right flash or glow setting to suit your dog’s needs.

The collar is designed with strong nylon webbing, crystal fibers, and a stainless steel D-ring to attach to a leash. There is also a quick-release buckle to make sure putting the collar on is easy, as sometimes this is the hardest part. The collar takes one hour to charge and gives five hours of flashing light. Not only that, but the collar is waterproof, so a great option for dogs that love swimming.

Tekkery has four color options (blue, green, orange, and pink) and a range of sizes from XS to XL. The collar is comfortable and lightweight for all dogs, making walking easier and safer for all.

– Four color options
– Waterproof
– Day and night visibility
– Durable collar
– Some may want a plain color collar

Tekkery Light Dog Collar

7. DOLOEDY Clip-On Dog Collar Lights – Best For Clip-On LED Lights

If you’re after an LED solution but aren’t sure about investing in an LED collar, there are other options out there to keep your dog visible at night. One of those is a clip-on light that can be attached to your standard collar; this gives off the light without you needing to change collars all the time.

The DOLOEDY clip-on lights have three light modes and six different colors to give options depending on visibility. This is a good option for those who don’t do frequent night walks but want a light just in case. The snap-on the LED collar is lightweight and allows dogs to play and walk without discomfort.

This is a good choice if you’re just starting on night walks or are unsure about how often you’ll use a full LED collar. Dogs can be kept safe in the dark without worry.

– LED chargeable lights
– Clip-on option
– Comfortable for dogs
– Can be clipped onto anything – not just collars
– Some may want a durable collar

DOLOEDY Clip-On Dog Collar Lights

8. NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace – Best For Universal Size Collar

If you’re worried about the fit of a standard collar, opting for a collar that can be adjusted is a great option. The NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace can fit dogs’ necks as small as 12 inches and as large as 27 inches leaving lots of room for adjusting.

The collar has a high visibility glow and flash modes making sure dogs are seen in early morning and evening walks. The collar is also weather-resistant; this is great as it can be used in the rain and a quick swim. Alkaline batteries power it, and replaceable ones are included in the purchase.

This collar provides 360-degree illumination around the dog’s neck while also being comfortable, a great option for any dog that loves to walk in the evenings.

– Adjustable size
– 360 visibility
– Weatherproof
– Different glow and flash modes
– The retailer suggests this necklace should be worn alongside a regular collar

NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace

9. Nite Ize Nite Dawg LED Collar Cover – Best Collar Cover

If you’re happy with your current collar, you may be interested to know that when looking for an LED option, you can simply buy a cover that can be snapped onto your current collar. The Nite Ize Nite Dawg collar cover provides LED light and good visibility without you having to re-buy a collar.

The collar cover fits collars up to 1 inch wide and attaches with secure hook and loop tabs to keep it secure. The cover features a push-button to activate the LED light modes keeping your dog visible in the dark. This is also a weather-resistant option, so it’s great for anyone who lives in a rain-prone area.

The collar is powered by batteries; however, replaceable batteries are included in the purchase, so there is no need to panic-buy new ones straight away. Nite Ize provides a worry-free guarantee, so if it’s faulty, contact them for a replacement.

– Covers most collars
– Provides clip-on LED light
– Weatherproof
– Comfortable
– Not USB chargeable

Nite Ize Nite Dawg LED Collar Cover

10. Outopest Dog Lights For Night Walking – Best Long Battery Life

Battery life is important; we all know there’s nothing worse than a device running out of charge when you’re out and about. If you are after a long-lasting LED option, the Outopest dog lights offer a collar light that can last up to 20 hours (depending on what settings it’s used on).

The light is USB rechargeable and easily transported, making it an excellent option for overnight walking trips. The light easily clips onto your standard dog collar and is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The lights are also waterproof and weatherproof due to the shatterproof plastic that’s more durable than traditional plastic materials.

While this isn’t a full LED collar, these clip-on lights are a good option for those who know they’ll need a lot of charge for long night walks.

– Long battery life
– USB chargeable
– Waterproof and weatherproof
– Clip-on design
– Some may prefer a traditional collar design

Outopest Dog Lights For Night Walking

The Ultimate Buying Guide

When purchasing a LED collar, there can be so many different types it can be confusing to know which ones are best for you. The key areas essential for LED collars are size, light distance, battery charge life, and color options. When focusing on these, it can be easier to decide which is best for your dog.

Adjustable Size

This is a factor to look at if your dog is on the larger or smaller side of the spectrum. While most LED collars offer a range of sizes, reviews often suggest that they can run smaller or larger than what they’re supposed to look like. Luckily, there are quite a few options out there that offer adjustable options; these are usually long collars that you can cut to size without compromising the lights.

If this is a factor you’re interested in, make sure to check out the Nite Ize Nite Dawg LED Collar, as this comes in a universal size that can be cut to fit your dog. This offers flexibility from 12 inches to 27 inches, so no dog is left behind.

Light Distance

Another critical property to look at when buying a collar is the actual distance of light provided by the LEDs. While some collars look good, the LEDs they use are more decorative than functional. If you’re buying a collar for safety and visibility purposes, this is a key thing to look at. A good option for light distance is the Blazin’ Safe LED Dog Collar. This allows for 350 yards of visibility, making sure your dog will always be seen.

Battery Life

Many people who look for light-up collars are fond of the outdoors, so having a collar that doesn’t run out of charge quickly is also an important factor. When buying, always read reviews when looking for battery length, as people’s experience tends to be more accurate than the product listings. While this light isn’t a collar, the Outopest Dog Lights are a long battery life option. They can be securely clipped onto collars to provide the same LED brightness and survive up to 20 hours on one charge.

Color Options

Though we have stressed the importance of functional collars and bright safety lights, it’s also important to note that some may want a more creative color option for their pets. If you’re after a fun LED collar solution, many have different colors and light settings, which are great fun for your pets.

A good color option is the PcEoTllar LED collar; with this brand, you have a range of colors to choose from (red, yellow, pink, and more), and the product also features more traditional elements like hard-wearing fabrics and a sturdy buckle. This is a perfect option if you want a balance between fun and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good LED light color for dogs?

Despite the common belief that dogs are color blind, they can see colors but not as vividly as the human eye. Experts believe that dogs can’t see red and greens but can see other colors – for example, blacks, yellows, whites, and blues. If you’re after a LED color that your dog will see and react to, blue tends to be a good option as this color is visible to them and some research reports it can be calming. If not, standard white light LEDs can be a good option due to the intense light they produce.

Do dogs like LED lights?

Some research has shown that dogs are three times more sensitive to the flicker produced by LEDs than humans are, meaning that the LEDs have more of a strobe effect on them. This is not a medical issue, though, so while the LED collar may not be your dog’s favorite toy, it is safe to use when on walks.

Are LED collars safe for dogs?

LED collars and lights are safe for dogs; LEDs do not heat up when used and last longer than other light sources, so there’s no harm heat-wise. The collars are also 100% safe when touching a dog’s fur or skin, so there will be no harm when wearing them. LED lights were designed to be safe when used; that’s generally why they’re so common.

Last Advice

If you’ve been wondering if you need a LED dog collar, then now is the time to take the plunge! These collars are an easy way to keep your dog and even you safe during nighttime walks, plus they are a fun way to encourage the family on a walk too. Most collars these days are very durable and safe, so once you purchase one, you’ll have it for years. Have you tried an LED collar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.