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Illinois , (IL) Illinois provides a professional dog training service in Illinois and surrounding areas. is finally here in Illinois to provide the ultimate training experience to your dog. Our professionals train adult dogs and puppies, so it’s never soon or never too early to enroll them in our programs. Our team offers multiple services such as group classes, in-home private training, and immersion training. Also, we can proudly say that we are well equipped to handle dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and temperaments. If you face any problems with your dog, you can count on our professionals and us no matter what the issue.

Private Lessons

The private Lessons program is a one-on-one training session that will either take place at your home or our training facility. This program is perfect for folks who want to be actively involved in their dog’s training. Our trainer will make sure that your dog learns all the required skills in an ideal dog. All you have to do is tag along and observe how the trainer works with your dog, so you could use some of their techniques and mimic their ways when the trainer is not around. If you have any problems regarding your dog’s training, our professionals are always ready to help you out.


People who love dogs but do not have enough time to look after one can feel a little lost. We know many such dog owners who want the best for their dog but fail due to next to impossible time management; sometimes, the workload gets the best of them. If you find yourself in this situation, go ahead and enroll your dog in our Day Camp program, where they train with our professionals for eight hours a day. The program is available seven days a week; we also offer flexible pick-up and drop timings for your convenience. Our specialized program will make the learning experience fun and immersive for your dog, we have only heard positive things about our Day Camp, and everyone has loved it! All the dog owners who have enrolled their dogs in this program also get resources from our end to keep the training going home.

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Board & Train

An unsupervised dog can quickly become aggressive, anxious, skittish, and impolite. Sometimes the dog owners can do nothing about it due to their tight schedule, or do they choose to do nothing about it? Because you can always get your dog trained by professionals. That’s where our Board and Train program comes in, where we train such dogs for a fixed period. They go through a lot of unlearning and relearning, eventually becoming well-trained and well-behaved. These are one-on-one training sessions where your dog gets out undivided attention, and we treat them with utmost care plus love.

Group Classes

Group Classes are the highlight and backbone of all our training programs because the owner gets to see the training in play. After you are done with your program, you must enroll your dog in our group classes. We organize these fun and playful events at dog-friendly spaces such as parks and stores. Here, your dog can make new friends, and even you can chat up with other dog owners across your town. This is a great learning experience and significant for your dog’s growth because they should know how to act in the presence of other dogs.


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