How Much Does Dog Training Cost in Chicago?

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: June 16, 2022

If you live in Chicago and your pup needs to be trained, you may be wondering about the cost and the training process. You also may be wondering if your dog is even able to be trained. The good news is any dog can be trained! It doesn’t matter what the breed, age, background, or sex of your dog is.
Stayyy works with dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. Whether you have a puppy that is just learning their basic commands or an adult dog with behavioral problems, our expert trainers are able to work with them. We will also work with you, the owner, to ensure you have the tools you need to keep your dog on the right path.
Below is more information about the training provided by Stayyy, as well as the cost of dog training in Chicago.

The Stayyy Dog Training Process

Stayyy focuses on a training model that is built around eliminating bad habits while also reinforcing good behaviors. We drill the basic commands with every dog that we work with—even if they already know the commands. The goal is to ensure they listen every time.
Some other things we focus on include:

  • Mental stimulation
  • Exercise
  • Socialization
  • Breaking bad habits

Some of the bad habits we approach head-on include:

  • Jumping on people
  • Excessive barking
  • Leash pulling
  • Stealing food from other animals
  • Rushing in or out of the door
  • Charging at other animals
  • Eating off the counter

Socialization is a very important part of dog training for dogs of all ages. Stayyy provides both puppies and adult dogs with the opportunity to meet other pups and learn how to properly interact.

Obedience Training

Obedience training is a fundamental part of dog training. It’s impossible to progress without the basics of obedience in place.
If you have a dog that ignores you, you know how frustrating this can be. Beyond being annoying, though, it is also dangerous. Dogs that don’t listen to commands may sneak out of the house and run away. From there, they may get hit by a car, attack another person, or attack another dog. This is especially the case if they aren’t properly socialized.
Even if your dog isn’t dangerous, no one likes it when a dog eats off the table, ignores basic commands, jumps on guests, and pees all over the floor!
At Stayyy, we have a strong focus on obedience training, and we start by working on the basics. First, we make sure your dog knows their basic commands. We then work with them to ensure they listen when they are given a command. This leads to less frustration and a much better relationship between your dog and you!

Pack Leadership Training

Dogs are pack animals. They have been so for thousands of years. Domestication hasn’t changed this. Your dog wants to be part of a pack. Part of the pack dynamic is leadership. In order for your dog to be happy and mentally balanced, they need to know who is in charge. If they don’t see you as being the leader, they will take on the leadership role themselves. This leads to a whole host of behavioral problems.
Even if you want to see your dog as an equal, they won’t see you this way. If you want to ensure the health, happiness, and safety of your dog, you need to learn how to be assertive. This means setting boundaries and sticking to them. Our pack leadership training teaches you to be a better pack leader. From there, your dog will learn to follow.

Dog Boarding

Dog boarding can be stressful. You are probably worried about them missing you and feeling depressed. Boarding doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, though! At Stayyy, we make sure your pup gets the affection and attention they need and deserve during their stay at our boarding facility. We give our guests plenty of opportunities to socialize, play, and burn off energy. We even offer training during their visit!
Daily walks are very important for dogs, and while your pup is at our facility, we make sure they get long, fulfilling daily walks. During their walks, they are able to potty, sniff around, and stretch their legs. If your pup has any special needs for their walks, let us know! We will make sure to take these needs into consideration.
In order to board your pup, we’ll need current vaccination records and written proof of DHLPP and Bordetella before check-in. If your pup is over four months old, we’ll also need rabies vaccination records. This is for the protection of our staff and our other furry guests.
When you are preparing for your pup’s vacation, consider these things:
· Your dog’s favorite food and treats
· A feeding schedule
· Bedding
· Your pup’s favorite toys and blankets
· Kennel crate (if properly trained)
We look forward to hosting your pup at our doggy hotel!

Group Training Classes

Once we’ve determined your dog knows the basics, you’ll be able to start taking them to our group training classes. During these classes, dogs are exposed to a well-monitored and controlled environment where they can socialize and develop their pack mentality. We keep track of your dog’s progress, and we increase the level of distraction over time to ensure obedience.
If you have a young pup, it’s important to socialize them. A properly socialized pup will grow up to be a friendlier dog. It’s also important to ensure they are well-trained around other dogs in case interactions don’t go well. Our puppy training provides pups with the opportunity to interact with others in a positive environment and build their socialization skills. We also work with older dogs. It’s never too late to start!
We offer group training not only at our facilities but also at other dog-friendly locations. This includes dog beaches, parks, and more. This allows them to explore a variety of different environments.

Puppy Training

Puppies are wonderful! They are furry little bundles of love and joy. While puppies are fantastic, they are also a handful. They will pee on the floor, chew on stuff they shouldn’t chew on, and ignore commands. This gets that much worse when “puppy brain” kicks in and their energy goes up. It’s very important to start working with your pup while they are young, though. If you don’t start with training early on, their poor puppy behaviors will become bad adult habits.
The professional puppy training offered by Stayyy is designed to help your pup to understand their basic commands and the basics of obedience. We also teach owners how to set boundaries and stick to them. With a well-trained puppy, you can take them anywhere with you, and rest assured that your home won’t be ripped to shreds when you leave the house.

Day Camp

Day Camp at Stayyy offers dogs the opportunity to learn the basics. They undergo obedience training during our Day Camp program, and they are drilled on their basic commands. They are given the chance to socialize, play, and exercise.
The Day Camp program at Stayyy is extremely flexible. Feel free to drop off your pup whenever you’d like and pick them up when you’re ready (within business hours). They can pop in for a few hours to play and learn, or you can leave them with us for the entire day! It’s up to you.
If your pup has special needs, don’t worry! Stayyy is very accommodating. Just let us know what your dog’s special needs are and we will make sure those needs are met.
After your pup is finished for the day, we’ll send them home with some goodies. Once you get home, you can keep working with your dog and reinforce the lessons they learned during their stay at the facility.
For more information about our Day Camp program, reach out to Stayyy!

How Much is Dog Training in Chicago?

The cost of dog training in Chicago depends on a few factors. One is the training facility. Different training facilities charge different rates. Another is the type of training. If you
have a puppy that needs basic obedience training, it will be a different price than a dog that requires Board & Train.
Reach out to Stayyy to learn more about the costs of the training programs we offer and what you can expect for your specific pup.

About Stayyy

Stayyy is a dog training company made up of dog lovers that are experts in their field. From the trainers to members of leadership, everyone at Stayyy believes in our mission to help dogs and their owners to find peace, balance, and happiness.
Our programs have been designed to help dogs of all ages and with different needs. Whether you have a puppy that needs a little extra help or an adult dog that has bad habits that need to be broken, we’re here to help.
Stayyy is committed to teaching dogs and their owners the tools they need to live in harmony.