How To Stop A Dog From Jumping The Fence?
[Full Guide]

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

We worry about so many things in life why your dog keeps jumping the garden fence shouldn’t be one of them.

It may sound funny, but fence jumping can become a real problem. Fence jumping often stems from behavioral issues, these can luckily be minimized, and you can also modify your yard to make your dog forget the fence.

As a dog trainer, I’ve dealt with this problem more times than people like to admit, so if you’re currently in this situation, remember you’re not alone! Read on for some of the best ways to tackle this issue, from training-based exercises to making the fence unattractive to your pup.

Here are some of the best dog jumping solutions!

Why do dogs want to jump fences?

One of the first things to review when this issue arises is why the dog is exhibiting this behavior. While each dog is different, there are a few common causes that can be the reason for fence jumping. Read through some of these reasons and see if they apply to your situation. 

Puppies and adolescent dogs

It’s common knowledge that puppies play more than older dogs, but this zest for life can lead pups into naughty behavior. Make sure to train them when young and encourage them to stay inside your yard. 

Sporting Breeds

If your dog is a sporting breed, they’ll tend to be more active and will play more than others. This extra energy should be managed by playing games or longer walks. 

Playing Environment

Like humans, dogs need stimulation and playtime. Having dog toys or a good playing environment can keep puppies busy for hours; however, if they often end up being bored, they can end up experimenting with anything that takes their curiosity – hence the fence!

The grass is greener on the other side

If a dog senses that the other side of your fence is more interesting than yours, this could lead to fence jumping. While dogs do this with good intentions and just want to play, you may need to invest in some toys or furniture to keep their attention in your garden. 


Stress symptoms such as excessive panting, howling, and being hyperactive can show that your dog is stressed and acting out. If this is the case, don’t worry, stress can be calmed easily by consulting a professional.


Some veterinarians suggest that an increase in travel and time apart from your dog can cause fence jumping to start. This is essential because there is a lack of bonding between you and your dog.

The best preventative measures

When your dog starts jumping the fence, you always need to deal with the problem; however, preventing it from happening in the future is important too. These are simple tips to help get rid of the urge to jump.

Remove anything that helps them

When stressing about the issue, it can be easy to forget simple solutions. If your pet uses everyday items to give them a boost, these can be moved away from your fence to stop a possible escape.
Things like garbage cans, lawnmowers, firewood, or even nearby tree branches can be resituated to make jumping harder. 

More intelligent dog breeds like Huskies, Shepherds, and Pitbulls, often use what they can when they set their sights on jumping. Make sure to give your yard a quick check to be sure that you’re not accidentally helping them!

Try restricting the view

When you can’t see what’s over the fence, you won’t want to jump it! Removing the tempting freedom of the other side will stop your pup from feeling left out, leaving them to find entertainment in your yard. 

Removing temptation will leave them less likely to explore; this can be done by using more obstructive fencing (like reed or wood) or by placing some fast-growing shrubs to obscure visibility. 

How to improve your fencing

If you are interested in re-doing your fence to block the view or make jumping more complicated, we’ve found some good fence options to deter jumping.

An improved fencing system can make a world of difference, so here are some researched options to help your situation.

If you aren’t interested in some DIY, it’s okay; there are other options to keep dogs from jumping the fence. 

Bamboo Rolls

An economical fencing solution is Bamboo. Bamboo roll fencing is cheaper than others yet still looks aesthetically pleasing. Setting up a fence around four or five feet high can stop dogs from jumping and obscure their view. This is a good solution if your dog is a sporting breed.

Redundant Fencing

A redundant fence is an extra layer of fencing that works inside your primary layer of fencing. These are often made from chain links, bamboo, or farm fences. A secondary layer of protection will provide extra security to your property while also keeping your dog more secure.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is a more costly option; however, this can be a good option if you want to add extra safety to your dog and your home. 

Invisible Fencing

As the name suggests, this type of fencing is invisible and can be a quicker solution. This option gives your dog a correction shock when they pass outside of the boundary line. These are also called wireless dog fences or underground dog fences. 

Keep them entertained

If you’re unsure whether you want to undertake a DIY project and redo your fencing, you can take steps to modify your back garden instead. 

We’ve already mentioned removing objects that help dogs jump and obscuring any tempting sights over the fence, but there are more ways to keep your pup busy in your own home.

Create a playground

Remember that a bored dog will sometimes become a naughty dog – keep them entertained at home! This is also a crucial step if you’re away from home a lot; having toys for them to play with when you’re out can help them forget about what lies on the other side of the fence.

Treat time

An excellent tip to keep your dog busy is to hide treats around the backyard. Hiding treats create a game and keep them running round in circles for hours; while this keeps them busy, it can also tire them out and help them sleep better. This is a great idea if you’re often working from home.

Play Games

If you have more time to spare, make sure to insert yourself into their playtime. Simple games like fetch can be effective, helping them burn energy while diverting their attention to jumping the fence. This also links your garden to fond memories, making them less likely to want to wander. 

Is it a behavioral issue?

When you have a dog, one of the most important responsibilities is keeping note of their behavior; by watching their actions, you can make clear judgments about their health. 

If your dog’s fence jumping habit is accompanied by other problem behaviors, you may want to contact a professional trainer or vet to work out a good action training plan for them. 


If you notice your dog is often aggressive, then you may need to address this issue first. Aggression can be one of two types (fearful of dominant); once this is established, you can find the best training or help to solve the problem.

Separation Anxiety

Sometimes separation anxiety can be expressed through whining, excessive barking, or generally unsettled behavior. If you’re often away or working long hours, make sure not to leave your dog alone for long periods.

Excessive Barking

Barking is natural for dogs, but if the barking is aggressive, too frequent, or bothering neighbors, it could be a sign of trouble. When this is the case, you need to help show your dog there’s no need to bark. Helpful home training can help, but a professional trainer will need to be consulted when this problem is frequent. 

Last Resort

If you’ve tried stopping fence jumping numerous times and with different methods but the problem continues, you may want to try creating them as a last resort. This should be done with a high-quality crate and only for short periods when you can’t supervise them. 


Catching your dog trying to escape over the fence is never fun; however, this can be dealt with via easy steps and slight modifications. It’s frustrating, but it can be stopped in time with patience.

I understand that changing fencing and modifying your yard is an annoying task. Still, as a dog trainer, I’ve seen it make considerable improvements to dog’s behaviors alongside other tips from this article. Also, addressing any other behavioral issues your dog may show can help calm them an incredible amount – so make sure you examine these too.

Stopping dogs from jumping fences is challenging but worth it. The end to fence jumping is in sight!