How to teach your dog to sit pretty?
[Step By Step]

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

If you are a dog lover, chances are, at one point or another, you’ve found yourself wondering what it would be like to teach your dog to sit pretty.

Properly teaching your dog this trick will help you train it to do other tricks, such as ‘down’ and ‘stay.’ 

This article will share the exact steps you need to take when teaching your dog to sit pretty.

When trick training (or general dog training), it is best to reward your dog for their correct behavior. Your goal is to ‘catch’ them when they are sitting pretty to reinforce the behavior. 

But for those of you who might not know how, I am going to show you the easy way with these simple steps! And presto, your pup will be sitting pretty every time.

What You Should Know

While teaching your dog to sit pretty can be fun, it is not without its challenges.

When schooling your dog is over, not only will it be easier for you to teach them other commands and tricks, but they’ll be secure enough in their new trick that they won’t even need much encouragement.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind –

  1. Be sure to spend a considerable amount of time on this training session. It may take more than one session. With more practice and experience, things will get better. If you’ve already done obedience training, things will be much smoother.
  2. Always use the same word when you want the dog to sit pretty, so they can associate that word with the behavior.
  3. Don’t punish the dog if they do not sit pretty, instead show them what you would like them to do so they can learn from their mistake.
  4. It will be much easier if you train them to sit pretty when they are not tired or hungry.
  5. Encourage the dog throughout the training to stay where they are and not move unless you tell them.

Step By Step Guide To Teach Your Dog To Sit Pretty

Now, it’s time to teach your pup some new tricks! Teaching a dog to sit pretty is one of the most important things you can do for your pet. 

Through repetition, rewards, and patience, you’ll have a dog that sits up on command in no time. Below are the steps for teaching this trick to your best friend.

Prerequisite – Your dog must be trained to sit. The ‘sit pretty’ command comes after you’ve taught your dog to sit properly. So, make sure you start there.

Step 1 – Ask your dog to sit & show them the treat.

The first step in this lesson is to get your dog ready, i.e., sitting position. The front paws are still on the ground at this time.

As you stand in front of your dog, ask them to sit. The front paws/front legs are upright, and your dog is now sitting like a good boy! If not, you can hold a treat right in front of your dog’s nose. If your dog lifts up its front legs, do not give them the treat.

Step 2 – Let them smell the treat but not eat it.

As you get out their favorite treat and hold it in front of them, let your dog sniff it. Keep holding it above the face and move back slowly. The idea is to get them to rise and sit on their hind legs only. 

Step 3 – Say your ‘beg’ command.

Now, say your sit pretty command. It can be anything you want or just ‘beg’ if you can’t come up with anything. The idea is that whenever you say this command, your dog sits pretty as you want them to. Say your command and then click or reward them as soon as they sit.

Step 4: Praise and reward them when they are sitting pretty.

Once they sit pretty, give a verbal command such as “pretty” or “good” and immediately click or give them a treat. This will see your reward for sitting pretty. 

If you have something in your hand that they like, you can rub it on their nose and then give it to them. This way, you only need the one word or clicker, and they know what they are being rewarded for. They will love it and keep doing it over and over again because they know a treat is coming their way. 

Step 5: Practice makes perfect.

If, at first, they do not sit pretty, don’t give up. You can practice until they get it. You can practice with your dog in different places such as the park, at home, or anywhere you like. With so many of us working from home, you can schedule practice so that you can take a break from work!

How Long Does It Take To Teach A Dog To Sit Pretty?

All animals take a while to learn tricks. That is because these are physical skills that require practice. It is essential if you want your dog to do more than just sit still.

Dogs are full of energy when they’re young, but as they grow old, their energy level drops, so they need less exercise as adults. The level that’s right for your dog will change as he or she grows.

Dog training takes time and patience. If you want to teach your dog a few tricks, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your dog is in a calm and relaxed state. Learn about how to achieve this state so that you can better work on training new skills. It’s vital for you and your dog.

Things To Remember When Trick Training Your Dog

Trick training your dog can be a lot of fun for both you and your pup. Not only is it fun, but you also get to spend time with your dog. Besides keeping you both entertained, it also teaches your dog new tricks.