Why Are Dogs Attracted To Me?
[The Definitive Guide]

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

The bond that humans and dogs share is beautiful. Have you noticed an instant spark between you and a dog that you met a while ago? It seems odd at first, but there is an explanation behind everything. In simple words, dogs are not very complicated beings, so do not expect rocket science.

Dogs are relatively innocent and loving animals who are pleased by small things. Maybe you have one of them that is enough for you to appeal like a ‘dog whisperer.’ Some breeds are more friendly than others, but if you find a typical pattern between all dogs’ attraction towards you, then here’s what you need to know!


Dogs pick up on appearance faster than you can think. Have you noticed dogs barking at people because they are wearing certain clothes? They have their attention on the most eye-catching thing, and if they like what you wear, Oh boy! You’re in for a treat.

Try to pinpoint what it is about your appearance that dogs love; it could be very random, like a hat, scarf, or just about anything for that matter. 

Body Language

If you ask trainers, they would tell you that dogs learn better from our body language. They are quick to pick up on social cues and would love anyone who seems open to receiving their love. A unique body language won’t go undetected under a dog’s supervision. If you’ve previously received compliments about your body language and mannerism, then perhaps you’ve found the answer to your questions. If this is your advantage, you can become an excellent dog trainer, a great career choice!


Dogs are very reactive to someone’s tone of voice. If dog owners harshly speak to their dogs, they are upset or angered. However, if you use a cheerful tone, dogs would dig it. Maybe the sound of your voice or the way you converse with them is soothing. They can’t get enough of your voice; we find that to be very sweet. The modulations in our voice are the key to changing dog behavior; if you’ve tapped into that, you can officially call yourself ‘The Dog Whisperer. 


Some humans are sensitive to animal behavior. There are not many people on this earth who can empathize with how dogs feel. In the end, all we seek is acceptance, and maybe dogs find that in you.

Spending time with you gives them a sense of being understood and appreciated. Honestly, that’s wholesome, and we hope you meet more dogs so they experience this feeling of satisfaction. 


Dogs are known for their sense of smell; they have the sharpest nose. Your scent can attract other dogs if you’re a dog owner. You could have the scent of your dog on you or their food and other essential products. So if you find dogs sniffing you very often, it is because they love your scent. 

The sixth sense

Many people claim that dogs have a sixth sense; there are reports of dogs howling and crying when a family member is about to pass away. Science may not vouch for it, but some incidents point towards this idea. As per that logic, you might have a distinctive aura that dogs find attractive. It can be related to your thoughts, emotions, personality, and even behavior. 


Showing compassion to animals is also a quality that we find attractive in other humans. Therefore it is highly likely that dogs love you for your compassionate nature. You must love them selflessly, and your ability to express your feelings is far superior to most humans. Dogs love anyone who shows them genuine care, attention, and compassion. Never hesitate to shower a dog with your love because they are instantly attracted to such people and cannot get enough of them.

Acts Of Kindness

Some people purely act of self-interest; some would call them selfish and self-serving. But there are also people with the exact opposite behavior. The people who selflessly love someone without any expectations still walk among us.

Their attitude is similar to dogs, and they love doing random acts of kindness for dogs that only give them joy and nothing else in return. Do this not just for dogs but also for people around you! 

Playing With Them

Do you enjoy playing with dogs whenever you see them? Because they love nothing more than an active companion who can match their levels of energy. They will immediately trust you and form a bond if you offer dogs some quality playtime. Therefore, what you’re doing differently than others is getting involved with dogs in a way that brings them happiness. 

Mutual Love For Dogs

Have you experienced this weird phenomenon where you can pick up if someone likes you or not? And you treat the person the same as they treat you. It is known as ‘matching vibes.’ When it comes to dogs, if you share mutual love amongst each other, your dog will up on that, and soon, you two will be best pals. 


So now you know why dogs love you. If your friends are confused about the same and think you are a demigod with unusual powers, then explain all these factors to them. Most dog owners might know some of this already, so you can also converse with them to have in-depth knowledge about dogs. 

You should feel honored and pleased about being the chosen one by dogs. Some so many people try yet fail to connect with dogs. On the other hand, you seem to be naturally gifted. So embrace all the love you receive from dogs and consider becoming a dog owner if you handle the responsibility. Also, we are jealous of you and wish we had such superpowers!