Why Does My Dog Keep Crying At Night?
[Definitive Guide]

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

As dog experts, we believe in treating our pets with care and respect. Even when we are disappointed with them being noisy, too excited, angry, or whining, your pooch can not always be cute; let’s agree to that, there are moments when you feel sheer disappointment. However, we know that you love them, and this emotion will barely last more than ten minutes.

A dog crying at night can be pretty troublesome, especially when you are tired after working for the entire day and cannot get a good night’s sleep. We all love our pets, but some of their habits can be annoying in all honesty, and there is no shame in admitting this fact.

Reasons For Your Dog To Cry At Night

Your dog can be crying at night for some reasons you might not know. Our experts have compiled them all so that you can figure out your pet’s unusual behavior.  If your beloved pup has also disrupted your sleeping schedule like the rest of us, then here’s what you can do!


Dog owners should be aware that their pet crying at night can be a sign of boredom. They need regular exercise, at least 30 mins a day, to feel active. If your dog whines at night, they have piled up energy throughout the day, and there seems to be no other way to use it than to cry at night.

Separation Anxiety

Much like humans, separation anxiety is common in dogs. They are afraid of being left alone, and they cry at night to divert your attention. A sign that can confirm separation anxiety is how your dog behaves after you walk out of the room at night; if your dog whines and chases you, then that’s a sure-shot sign.

Problems In Digestive Tracks

A dog can cry at night due to discomfort in the digestive system. A puppy is more prone to having this problem because the organs are delicate and not fully developed. Feeding your pet the proper diet recommended by a veterinarian is an easy way to avoid your dog’s digestive issues.

Feeling Bloated

The feeling of being bloated can sometimes be intolerable and a genuine reason to whine at night. If you provide your puppy or adult dog with a diet of low-quality ingredients that lack nutrition, then your dog whining at night is more like a punishment! Consider switching to a bland and simple diet to ease the stomach problems for a few days.

Unidentified Pain

Humans and dogs share a strong connection, but we cannot decode everything they feel. As a result, a lot of times, their pain is unidentified. The pain could be happening in their joints, muscles, internal organs, or just about anywhere. If you suspect that this could be the case with your dog, then it is time for a vet visit.

Medical Problems

Does your dog have a medical history of a certain kind of infection or disease? One of the many reasons can be that your dog still suffers from that issue. We recommend resolving the health issue with a veterinarian’s help and steer clear of any DIY ideas at home.


Loneliness can be another reason behind your dog crying at night. They feel neglected, and even the slightest bit of attention can make them feel wanted in this state. Try giving your dog enough attention during the day if you’re going to stop the whines at night.

Need To Poop

One of the most commonly found reasons in puppies is wanting to poop, searching for a place around the house while whining through the process. If your adult dogs whine at night due to this problem, we advise you to readjust their walking and eating patterns.

Feeling Thirsty

Another related reason can be thirst. If your dog is whining from thirst, keep track of water intake throughout the day to see if they are well hydrated. Also, leave a bowl of water near where your pet sleeps during the middle of the night.

Missing Their Dog Toy

Your dog can be attached to their dog toy, even though it sounds pretty weird. Try handing your dog’s favorite toy when whining; if the action stops immediately, then you have a solution to your problem!


Dogs and puppies can fear many things. Maybe they are afraid of being alone in the dark and dislike the feeling of loneliness. All they want is your company; if you can sleep nearby, we would advise you to do so.

Mental Problems

Have you adopted a rescue dog? If yes, then the key to their crying at night can be related to their abusive past. A rescue dog would need special attention and care, so you need to treat them differently than normal dogs and puppies. Asking about their conditions to the adoption or rescue center is one way to find out about the issue. As humans, we must treat animals with compassion even in times of difficulties.

Learned Behavior

If you’ve responded to your dog’s cries before in a positive manner, then perhaps this is a case of learned behavior. After noticing that whining at night can get them whatever they want, a dog can unknowingly learn to manipulate you. As a dog owner, you must change your ways to let your pup know that they can’t get away with such behavior.

Solutions For Older Dogs Crying At Night

A few things that stop your older dog from whining are:

  • Tiring them before bedtime
  • Playing soothing music as they sleep.
  • Provide an ample amount of food and water before you sleep.
  • Take your dog on a walk to poop before bedtime.


A dog comes like a blessing in our lives, even when they are annoying. Just like humans, this animal has its problems that we should handle with maturity.

We expect all dog owners to treat their pets with kindness and care. Also, we recommend a vet visit in case the matter seems unexplainable.

That is all we have to say about your whining dog! We wish you a happy good night’s sleep, or maybe not?