10 Best Chew Toy For German Shepherd

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

The Definitive Guide For The Best Chew Toy For German Shepherd

As lovely as puppies or large dogs may be, they can have traits that aren’t cute, one of which is chewing on essential things at home.

Many people have complained to me about a ruined pair of shoes, documents, clothes and lots more. One proven way to stop German Shepherd dogs from destroying your stuff is purchasing a chew toy for them.

In this article, I have put together some of the best chew toys for German Shepherd breeds. The toys included in this article are safe for your dog. It doesn’t matter if you have a puppy or an aggressive chewer; you’ll find the perfect product for your GSD in this guide.

1. Ultra-Durable Chew Toy – Best For Durability

Do you have a huge German shepherd? If yes, then you’ll need to get a durable chewable toy for him or her. These breeds have powerful canines; getting a solid chew toy means you won’t have to obtain a replacement after a few days of usage. This chew toy is durable, challenging, and perfect for super chewers.

This product is virtually indestructible. The material used for production is rubber which is completely safe for your German shepherd. It has also been tested and proven to be alright by labs. The rubber used is made of non-toxic material. Playing tug of war with your dog just got better thanks to the chew ring, and you can also play “fetch” with your canine buddy. I won’t recommend buying this product for puppies, it might not harm them, but the manufacturers specifically made this product for large, aggressive chewers.

Research has shown that GSDs love this toy; it is a great way to keep them busy for hours. It is also fun watching them try to rip the toy apart with no success. There’s a refund policy in place if you are not satisfied with the product’s durability.

● It is durable.
● It is harmless.
● It is suitable for aggressive chewers.

● Aggressive chewers can destroy it after months of chewing.

Ultra-Durable Chew Toy

2. Didog Dog Bite Tug Toy – Best For Training

Here’s another dog bite tug toy that you can purchase for your German Shepherd. It is perfect for tugging outside. Its compact nature makes it easy to carry around. The material type is jute and is safe for dogs. However, I would recommend buying it for German Shepherd puppies.

As sturdy as it looks, mature German Shepherds can rip it apart easily. The Didog Dog Bite Tug Toy might not last up to 5 weeks from the canines of a large GSD. Out of the delivery box, the product comes clean and firm. Constructed with soft batting material, you won’t have to worry about it causing harm to your best friend. The handles of the Didog Dog Bite Tug Toy are made of nylon webbing designed to withstand tugging. If you must get this product for a large GSD, be ready to replace it every month because they rip it apart with time.

While the Didog Dog Bite Tug Toy might not last long for large GSDs with healthy canines, it still can serve as an excellent toy for chewing, playing, and training. With this product, you also get a refund policy.

● It is safe for dogs.
● It is excellent for training.
● Money-back guarantee.

● It might not last long for large GSDs.

Didog Dog Bite Tug Toy

3. Chew King Supreme Rubber Fetch Balls – Best For Playing Fetch

If there’s one game played mainly by 99% of dogs and their owners, it has to be “fetch.” DO NOT play this game with your dog using things that might be harmful to them. I researched and found an amazingly outstanding product that you can use to play fetch with your canine buddy.

The Chew King Supreme Rubber Fetch Balls do not only serve as an excellent tool for playing “fetch,” but it is also a great chew toy for GSDs. This product’s producers used high-quality rubber for the build, making it ideal for even the most aggressive ones. The ball also comes in two sizes, medium and large; you’ll have to determine which size is suitable for your dog. Another thing you would love about this ball is that it bounces. It is also dishwasher safe. Lastly, the Chew King Supreme Rubber Fetch Balls also glow in the dark, making them great for usage in low-light situations.

The Chew King Supreme Rubber Fetch Balls are durable, fun, and safe to use. Your German Shepherd would have a great time using this product.

● It glows in the dark.
● It is durable.
● It is safe to use.
● It is excellent for aggressive chewers.
● It can contain treats.

● The ball is hard for indoor floors.

Chew King Supreme Rubber Fetch Balls

4. JW Pet Hol-ee Roller X Dog Chew Toy – Best For Aggressive Chewers

It’s okay if you have an aggressive GSD at home. Research shows that a dog’s violence could be a product of their environment, medical condition, or other factors. Hostile German Shepherds might have a more powerful bite than non-hostile ones and need an ideal chew toy made for aggressive dogs.

The JW Pet Hol-ee Roller X Dog Chew Toy has a different build from regular chew balls. They are also tougher and thicker than standard chew balls. At first, I was afraid that it would be harmful to the dog’s gum or teeth, but it turns out it is safe for use. You can rest easy knowing that your canine best friend won’t get injured while chewing on the JW Pet Hol-ee Roller X Dog Chew Toy. The material used for production is natural rubber. It is suitable for medium to large GSD breeds. You can also stuff the product with treats for your pup by stretching the rubber and inserting his or her favorite treats.

You can also fill the JW Pet Hol-ee Roller X Dog Chew Toy with small toys and boosts your dog’s IQ by helping them learn how to solve minor problems.

● It is durable.
● You can fill it with treats.
● It can help boost your dog’s IQ.

● It is not indestructible.

JW Pet Hol-ee Roller X Dog Chew Toy

5. VANFINE Dog Chew Toy – Best For Non-Toxic Rubber

Are you the kind of dog owner who is overly concerned about online products and their toxicity? Well, I completely understand why you would feel uneasy. I found a product that I think is a perfect chew toy for German Shepherds with no toxicity. The VANFINE Dog Chew Toy is worth buying.

Dogs are always curious about sounds, especially squeaky ones. The VANFINE Dog Chew Toy has a squeaky feature that will leave your dog intrigued and excited at the same time. The rubber used for the production of this toy is entirely natural. Also, the creators used 100% real food ingredients for scent and flavor; this particular product has a beef taste that will satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instincts. The item weighs 9.58 ounces which won’t be bulky for your dog to carry.

The VANFINE Dog Chew Toy is a fantastic product that can also serve as a means of boosting interaction between dog and owner. With this chew toy for GSD, you also get a lifetime replacement guarantee.

● It is non-toxic.
● It is durable.
● It makes a squeaky sound.
● It is perfect for aggressive chewers.

● It might stop squeaking after some time.

VANFINE Dog Chew Toy

6. PETSLA Dog Chew Toy – Best For Large Dogs

A large dog might not be an aggressive chewer. While researching, I found an excellent chew toy for large dogs who love bones. This product is suitable for dogs that are up to 55lb. This chew toy’s material type is “nylon,” and it is very safe for your pup.

This product improves your dog’s dental hygiene; trust me, you’ll save some money on your dog’s dental bills with this product. As with all nylon-toys, your pup would be able to chip small pieces off the toy and make teeth marks. DO NOT allow your dog to chew on this product when you are not supervising; he or she may chip off and swallow pieces. Also, excessive use of this chew toy might crack your dog’s teeth or cause bleeding gum. However, chewing on this can help clean the teeth and control plaque and tartar.

While this chew toy may pose a threat to your dog when not supervised, it still has many benefits for your canine buddy. In case you are not satisfied with this product, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

● It is durable.
● It is suitable for large dogs.
● It improves the dog’s dental hygiene.

● Excessive chewing might injure the dog’s gum.

PETSLA Dog Chew Toy

7. Goughnuts Dog Chew Toy – Best For 30-90 Pound GSDs

Here’s another fantastic chew toy that your GSD would love. This one has a unique build from others listed in this article, and according to the creators, it is virtually indestructible. A GSD might have a hard time destroying this product, saving you from getting a replacement regularly. Although, some German Shepherds might be able to destroy it.

This product’s material type is rubber; I have had many people ask me if rubber toys are harmful to dogs; well, a rubber chew toy should be harmless depending on the manufacturers and toy. The rubber used in the German Shepherd chew toy production is made by the same engineers who design rubber parts for spaceships. With this product, your dog can have unsupervised chewing that won’t affect them. There’s also a LIFETIME guarantee, and you can return the product if your dog damages it.

I got this chew toy for my dog; he isn’t a GSD but a Husky, and believe me when I say he loves it so much. I have to take it away from him sometimes so he could pay attention to me. I would highly recommend this dog Chew Toy, especially for 30-90 pound GSDs.

● It is durable.
● It is harmless.
● Money-back guarantee.

● Aggressive chewers might bite through it.

Goughnuts Dog Chew Toy

8. Arm & Hammer Chew Toy – Best For Dental Health

A dog’s dental health is something you shouldn’t neglect if you do not want to have regrets in the future. Not all chew toys would be beneficial to a pup’s dental health. While researching, I found just the right product to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup without brushing.

The Arm & Hammer Chew Toy is a unique product that your dog can play with and at the same time benefit from. Unlike some chew toys, this one reaches the gum line, thus removing plaque and tartar. A durable dental chew toy like this allows dogs to bite their way to better health. You should also know that this Arm & Hammer Chew Toy is baking soda infused and fighting bad breath.

Many chew toys promise good dental health for dogs, but not all live up to expectations. However, that is not the case with the Arm & Hammer Chew Toy. You would be happy with this purchase.

● It improves dental health.
● It is durable.
● It is not harmful to dogs.

● Some dogs might not like the baking soda smell.

Arm & Hammer Chew Toy

9. Jalousie 14 Pack Puppy Chew Dog Rope – Best For Value

Do you remember the feeling we had as children when our parents got us a pack containing toys? Well, as a dog parent, here’s a fantastic collection to purchase for your canine bundle of joy; the package includes 14 chew toys for your dog. Trust me; your GSD would love this set.

The pack contains items suitable for small, medium, to large dogs, and you can find some of the most popular chew toy ropes inside. All the cords are made with extra thick yarn and strengthened joint connections. You can play different games with your GSD, like fetch and tug of war. This set of chew toys also helps with dental hygiene. You should note that this package isn’t indestructible and might not be suitable for aggressive chewers. What’s inside the box? You’ll get a chew bar, a tennis ball, a rubber bone, some ropes and more.

For the price, the Jalousie 14 Pack Puppy Chew Dog Rope offers a lot. If your German Shepherd isn’t overly aggressive while chewing, you can opt for this chew toy.

● Great value.
● It contains many kinds of toys.
● It is harmless.

● Some dogs might destroy it quickly.

Jalousie 14 Pack Puppy Chew Dog Rope

10. Benebone Puppy Chew Toy- Best For GSD Puppy

If you just got a GSD puppy, purchasing a chew toy meant for a medium or large dog might not be the best move. Puppies have tender teeth and, as such, need products that would be perfect for their dentition. The Benebone Puppy Chew Toy is excellent, and all puppies love it. I’m 100% positive that your German shepherd puppy would find it irresistible.

The Benebone Puppy Chew Toy is a two-pack dental chew toy made in the U.S.A with natural bacon flavor that the pups can’t seem to get enough of. The item weighs 0.15 kilograms which won’t be too heavy for a little GSD to carry around. The pack of two includes a wishbone and dental chew; both are curved and very easy for the pup to grab and get a good chew going. Due to this product’s durability, you won’t always need to get a replacement. Although, I won’t recommend getting this chew toy for mature German Shepherds.

This product has many positive reviews from satisfied customers. You should consider purchasing this for your GSD puppy.

● Puppies love it.
● It is durable.
● It improves dental hygiene.

● Some puppies might have less interest in the product.

Benebone Puppy Chew Toy

Our Buying Guide

Hey there, so you are looking for the best chew toy for your German Shepherd, and you want to make sure you pick the right one? You are in the right section. Here, we talk about different chew toys for GSDs and include some things you need to consider before clicking the buy button.

Material Type

Rubber: This is one of the safest and non-toxic materials used to produce chew toys for dogs. The rubber used is usually tested and proven to be 100% safe for dogs. While rubber might seem indestructible, some dogs have been able to chew through them. A high-quality rubber chew toy would last longer than cheaply made ones.

Rope: Rope or Jute is another material type you should expect to see. This kind might not last up to a month if you have an aggressive chewer at home. However, they are perfect for playing tug of war with your dog.

Nylon: While nylon chew toys are great, you shouldn’t buy them if you are concerned about your dog swallowing tiny bits of the toy. Also, you shouldn’t allow your dog to chew on this unsupervised. Nylon chew toys usually have flavors that dogs like; most GSDs would find nylon chew toys irresistible.


Aggressive chewers can ruin a sturdy chew toy in an hour or a day; that’s like ripping $14 just like that. You should consider buying a very durable product that your dog would have a hard time destroying. The Ultra-Durable Chew Toy from the “Monster K9 Dog Toy Store” is an excellent product. It isn’t indestructible but would last longer than most chew toys. It is built specifically for large breeds and aggressive chewers.


Before clicking the “buy button,” make sure it doesn’t contain any chemical that would be harmful to your GSDs health. Not all rubbers are safe!

Item Weight

Many people don’t think about this when buying a chew toy for their dogs. Being a die-hard dog lover, I have seen some breeds ignore some products due to their weight. You don’t expect a puppy to feel comfortable with a chew toy made for a large GSD.

Money-Back Guarantee

Some companies would promise you a 100% indestructible chew toy, and you’d realize that it was all a lie after your GSD tears the toy apart in less than an hour. A money-back guarantee policy ensures that you get a better replacement or a refund in case of a mishap.

Choking Hazard

Here is a piece of professional advice from me, “stay away from chew toys that have small parts that can easily rip off.” All the products listed in this article do not have parts that can rip off quickly, but if you are looking at buying a chew toy for a German Shepherd, you should consider this factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I give my German Shepherd to chew on?

Dogs love to munch on almost everything, but not all might be safe. If you have a German Shepherd obsessed with chewing, you should get a chew toy for them. The Chew King Supreme Rubber Fetch Balls or Jalousie 14 Pack Puppy Chew Dog Rope are great picks.

At what age do German shepherds stop chewing?

Research has shown that German Shepherds stop chewing at 6-8 months; however, some GSDs might retain the chewing habit after the time.

How do you stop destructive chewing?

Destructive chewing can be a big problem. One way to stop it is to give your dog plenty of exercises that will fend off boredom. If you catch your dog chewing on something they shouldn’t, peacefully draw their attention away from it by using a chew toy.

How to Make the Right Selection

The first step to making the proper selection is to check out the buying guide section above; we covered most of the primary things to help you make the appropriate choice. All the products listed in this article are affordable and won’t harm your dog. Feel free to read through again before deciding on which product would be best for your German Shepherd.