How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?
[Our Complete Guide]

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

Dogs are wholesome beings and great additions to our lives. They are known as man’s best friends for their loyalty and kind behavior. We all have a criterion while adopting or buying a new dog. Some of us want active dogs, fun to be around, and adorable, while others have a liking towards athletic and smart dogs. If we can be picky while selecting our companions, so can dogs! Remember, these are sensible creatures, and we often underestimate their intellect.

All dogs choose their favorite person; this is easily noticeable with the ones living in families. They would be more affectionate and attached towards one or a few family members. People wonder why this happens and come up with vague explanations, but here’s a concrete answer for all the dog people out there, we see you! Dogs tend to select their favorite person based on a few things that we’ve listed below for you. Learning about them will deepen your understanding of dog behavior, and you’d discover a little bit more than you did before about your fellow companion. 

Socializing In Early Stages

Dogs are the most influential during their puppy years. Their brains tend to be more receptive, and the social experiences at this age stick with them even in their adult years. Till the period of six months, puppies should socialize adequately because that is the peak socialization stage. Your dog must have positive and stress-free experiences with new people, things, and places because it shapes their adulthood. Most dogs form inseparable bonds with the people who are their caregivers in the critical socialization stage. 

A great example of this would be a dog that was only taken care of by females until the age of six months and acts distant towards the new male figures introduced in their lives. If you adopt a dog after six months, you will notice they have a deep liking towards a particular thing and a strong dislike towards another. Perhaps, they had related experiences when they were young, and now their reactions are unexplainable. However, you can also bond with your dog after this stage by continuous socialization. Make their days pleasant by treating them well and taking them on walks and playdates; soon enough, your dog will develop a strong liking towards you. 

Positive Association

You can give them all the attention they want in the world, but dogs also select their favorites based on association. In simple words, if you’re a source of joy and pleasant experiences, then your dog would naturally want to bond with you. What dog doesn’t love a person who continually showers treat and plays cute games with them?

Dogs are also aware that the person who feeds them daily plays a vital role in their lives, so you’d generally find them being all affectionate towards people who give them food. Again, this is due to positive association. The very act of providing treats while training a dog is to associate the commands positively, so they always follow them. The rule of thumb is to offer the treat every time your dog obeys. If you’re confused about why an individual of your family is your dog’s favorite, then they might provide something to your pet that no one else does. 

Care And Concern

Expressing your feelings is always healthy and fruitful. Don’t just do it once in a while; show your love and affection whenever you get the chance. The more time you spend with your dog, the stronger your bond will become. Ample attention and care will make your dog instantly connect with you. Dogs are selfless beings; the least we can do is make them feel wanted and important in our lives. They remain loyal to us in all circumstances, so we should feel morally obliged to support our dogs in all ways possible as pet parents. 

If you’re a true dog lover, then this will be effortless for you. Snuggle with them on the couch and have interactive play sessions. Feeding your dog and going on walks is the bare minimum; there will always be someone who does this for them. But if you wish to stand out, then spending quality time with your pet is a must. 

Becoming Your Dog’s Favourite Human

If your dog already has a favorite person, but you wish to be included in the list as well, then you can do a few things for an honorable mention (that’s the best we can do at this stage). However, if you play your cards right, then maybe you can be an actual replacement! 

So start by spending at least 30 mins with your dog. Now, don’t cheat and include the time you give them for feeding and walking. Instead, do other engaging activities such as playing fetch, hide and seek, tug of war, teaching a new trick, or playing a sport. Such dedication will get your dog hooked to you in no time, and bonus points if you take them out on lovely picnics with spas, grooming sessions, and massage. 


Now that you have a robust understanding of how dogs operate, it will be easier for you to connect with dogs. They simply won’t love someone because that offers them a lot of food or attention. Their psychology is worth studying because, just like humans, there are several factors at play. 

It might take them a while to choose their favorite person in the household, but once they find them, the bond becomes irreplaceable. Like money cannot buy happiness, food cannot get you a dog’s love. You need to be more considerate and treat these animals the way you’d treat humans. In due time, your dog will become a member of your family, and if you’re lucky enough, you’d be their favorite person!