Are Beagles Good With Kids?
[The Definitive Guide]

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

Having a beagle puppy can come as quite a challenge! The beagle is an attractive dog with a tramp soul, faithful to his hunter instincts. If you show up with any kind of food in the same environment as a beagle, he’ll instantly look at you with his pity irresistible face. To conquer this dog’s love, it isn’t required much; you just need to offer him a snack. 

Besides being great eaters, these pets are always outgoing, playful, and agitated. In case you’re a first-time tutor, get ready to change your routine completely. With these pets, you get granted fun – but their stubbornness can be an issue.

The resemblances to a child

We wrote this article to help you realize how much of a good companion this dog can be to your child since they’re the same! You won’t even notice the difference while walking around in your place. A beagle is a child’s best friend that will grow healthy and be his life companion. What makes beagles great with kids it’s their resemblance to a child itself.

Every beagle lover knows they’re never tired of playing. They’re always with a toy in their mouths, running around, playing hide and seek, and catch-up. And the kids aren’t different from them; they love to spend their day playing as well. All those pleasantries look alike. 

The kids love to bury things in the sand, playing with rocks, sticks, or anything else they find on the ground. 

They love to ask for attention

It isn’t just a resemblance; they’re almost the same. When they’re both babies, they need a way to tell their mommies they’re having trouble with something, for example, when they’re hungry when they want something, and like that, both beagles and children learn their first language: crying. 

After they start growing and things change, the resemblances remain! Raise your hand if you‘ve never “barked” to your parents when they didn’t give you enough attention? Or heard a child scream to call mommy and daddy? 

The beagles only do that, so the adults will see them there with their toy, calling them out to play. To reduce that issue, it is recommended that the parents take an exclusive moment to spend time and play with the puppies and the kids.

They make funny faces

People say a baby’s face means more than a thousand words. And isn’t it really? Just like baby beagles! They have their look for when the pack of food is opened, for the lecture they receive when something’s wrong, the happy face when they get affection, the one when they want love! The resemblance is unmistakable. 

They feel a little bitsy tired now and then

Soon after eating a few snacks, there’s nothing better than a little nap. At the beginning of both their lives, they spend more time sleeping than awake. 

Sleeping is as essential as feeding and hygiene because besides helping in their development, it helps to release hormones to make them grow strong and healthy.  

They have the most honest love

Do you know creatures that are more honest than babies and beagles? They show all their happiness when their mommies and daddies get home, crazy to tell them the new jokes they learned and how much they missed their parents. 

Or when the mailman rings the bell, they show all their love for whatever it is that comes.

They love new toys

What beagle doesn’t love to get new toys? And have you ever heard of a child that’s not excited by it? I’m sure there isn’t. Toys help them develop, instigating their reasoning and improving their instincts. These colorful and fun objects are essential for beagles and children. 

There’s a bonus for beagles: they help avoid them biting things inside the house and then having parents mad at them. 

As for the children, through playing, they develop main elements to form their personality since they can learn, experiment with sensations, organize their emotions, process information, and build autonomy. This last one displeases the beagle.

They radiate happiness

Oh, beagles and children; they’re so joyful and naturally radiant that they can contaminate everyone that gets close to them. A beagle and a child have that in common: they both know the universe is a playground!

Because that’s what being a child is like, running until you run out of breath, rolling through the floor, not being afraid to get dirty, and make a game out of everything. And beagles are incredibly alike, getting joy out of everything. Who wouldn’t want to be a beagle or a child forever?


We all know the beagle isn’t the most obedient dog globally, so it is challenging to educate them. They can be noisy and a bit tiring, but that’s precisely why they’re great with children! Since they’re so much alike, your children would get a new best friend. Beagles are homey dogs, and they treat children very well, so they’ll get your child tired by playing with them the whole day, which will guarantee you a great night of sleep. 

The most significant advantage of this race is that they are incredibly docile and caring, besides loving children. It’s ideal to have them both at home because the beagle loves to destroy and bite everything, and your child will help them get busy doing something else or even just running around. 

So, are you convinced about getting a beagle to get your children company? I’m sure you won’t regret living with one of these incredibly lovely creatures.