10 Best Dog Grooming Clippers For Home Use

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

Best Home Grooming Clippers For Dogs

It is that time again when your canine friend needs grooming. The process is daunting for you both. Your fur baby does not care for the noise, neither does he like to stay still for so long. For you, it is hard to justify another $90 for a professional groomer. Like me, perhaps, you have decided this time you should and could do it yourself. If the past year taught us nothing else, it taught us that we occasionally have no other choice but to do things ourselves. Before you sprint to PetCo or Walmart to seize the first clipper dangling from the shelf, I will lay out the top ten clippers for home use, their pros and cons, and where you can find them easily. After that, be sure to read the best buying guide you will ever need for optimum results. Your dog will love you for it, and you will be proud you did a great job, for less!

1. Andis AGC2 Two-Speed Detachable Blade Grooming Clipper

It is no secret that Andis is one of the top-hitting names for pet grooming clippers. Widely recommended by both home groomers and professional groomers alike, Andis takes many concerns out of home grooming.

Specs and features

The Andis AGC2 Two-Speed Detachable Blade Grooming Clipper is quieter and remains cool for longer due to its ceramic blades. The clippers emit 120 volts and work well with all dog coats and breeds. I tested this one out on my Cairn Terrier after he had gone months without a cut, and I have to say he was a lot more receptive to his haircut this time around. The clippers only weigh 2 lbs, so my arms did not hurt, and it was super easy to use around certain hard-to-get spots like the hind legs and thighs. The blades are detachable, so you have options with how low to take hair/ fur, and the clippers will work with any other Andis CeramicEdge blades/UltraEdge blades, as well as many others on the market. Of course, the motor boasts a fancy 2-speed, which is essential, especially if you are a novice groomer. The cord will give you a very generous 14 inches to maneuver around freely. You’ll find it here on Amazon. It is a tad expensive, but in the long run, it pays for itself in value and durability.

Get this clipper if you want a professional feel for an at-home price every time!

• light-weight
• long cord (great if you do not want to worry about a battery dying)
• durable, and cuts like butter
• manageable size
• great for all coats
• cool

• on the pricier side
• some may prefer a cordless clipper

Andis AGC2 Two-Speed Detachable Blade Grooming Clipper

2. Oneisall Rechargeable Cordless Dog Shaver

Oneisall is another big name out there, and they are well-known for their less expensive but very functional clippers. If quiet were a brand, Oneisall would be it. Oneisall makes all kinds of products targeted to the budget-friendly pet owner.

Specs and Features

As mentioned in the name, the vibrations and noise levels are low. Your dog will not even flinch when the clippers are on. Oneisall promises an impressive 50 dB, guaranteed to make your dog feel more comfortable. This model is promoted as a cordless one with a built-in rechargeable li-ion battery. It is possible, however, to use the clippers when charging. If you are like me and forget to do important things like charging your clippers before you need them, this is great. Your dog also will not be halfway through the grooming process and have the clippers completely go out without a solution. The blades are detachable and sharp enough to get as much hair off as you want. It comes with 6 guard combs in 3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/15mm/18mm. Talk about options! Oneisall even provides a stainless steel scissor and comb to boot. It is light-weight, only 1.23 lbs. Find it here on Amazon.

Get these clippers, especially for smaller dog breeds like Yorkies and Mini Schnauzers.

• very light
• wireless and rechargeable
• great for smaller dogs
• ultra-quiet design
• long-lasting
• easy to use for beginners

• may need to use scissors to cut longer and thicker hair/fur before using these clippers

Oneisall Rechargeable Cordless Dog Shaver

3. Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper with Detachable Cryogen-X

Another great set of clippers for home use is the Oster A5 2-speed grooming clippers. Oster is a great brand for beginners but will also function well for professional groomers. Like other brands, Oster places value on making items that are easy to handle and maneuver but have powerful/heavy-duty motors.

Specs and features

The name says it all: cryogen. Oster’s clippers operate at a low temperature, making home grooming easier for you and your pet. Oster finds that sweet spot of 3000-4000 SPM (strokes per minute), ideal for moving through the varying thickness of coats a dog may have at different parts of the body. The ease of moving between speeds results in a precise cut every time. The blade sweep is broader than other brands, and the blades are also detachable. If your dog has gone for a long time without grooming and has matted hair/ fur, this is the brand for you. Dog breeds such as poodles and German Shepherds with thicker or curlier coats will have an easier time with these clippers because of the skip-tooth feature built into the blades. The blades are fitted with #10 but are also detachable depending on your needs. The body of the clippers is ribbed for a better grip. It is a rather aesthetically pleasing pair of clippers, if I do say so myself. I purchased this one in a steel blue, and many of my friends, who are DIY dog groomers, complimented it. These clippers weigh just under 2 lbs, so it scores points on light- weightedness. View it here on Amazon.

• special cryogen (cooling) material for pet safety and comfort
• over 3000 strokes per minute, resulting in a better shave/ cut
• wide blade sweep
• great for thick coats and matted coats
• designed for easy grip/ less slippage
• powerful but quiet
• great for both the sensitive areas and the rest of the body

• more costly than some brands

You should buy these clippers if your dog tends to get matted or has a heavier coat.

Oster A5 Two Speed Animal Grooming Clipper with Detachable Cryogen-X

4. Wahl Professional Animal Arco Cordless Clipper Kit

Wahl is high up there as one of my all-time favorites. Their products are always superior quality, beautifully designed, and oh so easy to use.

Specs and features

Wahl’s high-grade steel blades are German-made, whereas the body of the clipper is Hungarian-made. This bit of information speaks volumes since both countries are known for their stellar electronics and manufacturing industries. With this clipper, you get a powerful yet quiet, 5-in-1 blade and two removable batteries that allow for 80 minutes of use each. On the plus side, they only take 75 minutes to charge. For those who prefer a cordless set of clippers, this is a heaven-sent, particularly if you have a larger dog to groom or will not always be close to a power outlet. The clipper affords you way more strokes per minute than any of the previous brands mentioned in this article. It comes in at a whopping 5600 strokes per minute and only weighs 7.9 ounces. Thanks to its weight and size (6.75 x 10 x 9.8 inches), it is handy to groom areas like the feet, ear flaps, and derrière. Find it here on Amazon.

• extremely light-weight
• ideal for hard to reach areas
• cordless/ portable with superior battery longevity
• comes with two batteries with a reasonable charging time
• quiet
• high strokes per minute, which will make cutting through thicker fur a breeze

• may not be ideal for smaller dogs with fine hair

Wahl Professional Animal Arco Cordless Clipper Kit

5. Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper, Professional Animal/Dog Grooming, AGC2

Is it surprising that another Andis clipper made this list? There are so many Andis clippers to choose from that you are bound to several to suit all grooming needs.

Specs and Features

The Andis UltraEdge Super 2-speed is suitable for all coats and comes with detachable blades made from ceramic, which lasts longer and stays cooler than steel blades. It also has a 14-inch cord to give you some room to play with when grooming your dog. The UltraEdge’s spm is 3400-4400. With a super 2-speed motor, this clipper should make it easy to get hair or fur off in no time. Amazon lists the Andis UltraEdge here. Do not let the cost be a hindrance, as the clipper has a chrome finish to ensure longevity, and blades that many have reported last forever with proper care.

• powerful motor with a shatter-proof housing
• high strokes per minute
• great for thick coats to handle for extended periods, especially if your dog is larger
• designed to be quiet and have less vibration
• blades detach easily
• long cord

• You need to ensure the blades are always oiled. You can try the Andis Clipper Blade oil
• Use a good cooling spray like the Andis Cool Care clipper blade spray if you intend to use it for hours at a time
• on the expensive side

You should go for these clippers if your dog has a medium to thick coat or is a middle-sized to large dog.

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

6. Sminiker Ultra-Quiet Rechargeable Cordless Pet Clippers kit

Sminiker is a brand that puts affordability and convenience in one neat little package.

Specs and Features

The clipper comes with an entire kit (scissors, comb, and storage bag) to solve all your grooming needs, all packaged for a small sum on Amazon. Talk about a deal! The Sminiker clipper has a one-of-a-kind R shaped design to reduce potential issues like cutting or bruising your pet. The blades are detachable and made of ceramic and titanium that makes them last for a longer time. It has low vibration and low noise, giving off no more than 50 dB. It weighs 1.43 lbs and is 45*175mm. Some advantages of this clipper are that it is cordless, it is easy to use and hold. It has four different guide combs that are convenient for a first -time home groomer. It does take a longer time to charge than other brands (3-4 hours) but can run for up to 6 hours. I think this makes the charging time very fair. If you want to use the power cord, it gives you 175 cm in length.

• great value for your dollars
• low noise (only 50 dB) and low vibration
• easy to grip
• ideal for beginner groomers
• light-weight

• long charging time (2-3 hours)
• only comes with one lithium-ion battery, while other brands may include two

These clippers will be great if you are a first-time groomer, you need something that is good quality at a lower price point, and if your dog is skittish and easily disturbed by the slightest of noises.

Sminiker Ultra-Quiet Rechargeable Cordless Pet Clippers

7. Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit

Bousnic is another brand that gives you affordability and quiet every single time. When possible, yes, it is always good to spring for the costlier stuff if it gives you excellent results, but lower-end products often do the same job and will last just as long.

Specs and Features

This clipper is perfect if you have a nervous or anxious dog or nervous groomer. The noise and vibration are minimal, and the cordless design yields precise cuts. With less than 50 dB, this is a great product to get. The clipper has that much sought after 2-motor and features a built-in 2200mAh Li-ion battery that you can charge with a USB cable. There is a light indicator that alerts you when the clipper is fully charged. With this brand, you have four separate combs (3 / 6 / 9 / 12mm) for different lengths. It is only 1.12 lbs and ought to do well with thick and curly coats. Bousnic’s dog clipper retails cheaply on Amazon and includes stainless steel scissors, a stainless steel comb, attachment guide combs, USB charging cable, cleaning brush, and blade oil.

• light and easy to use
• 2-speed motor and sharp blades
• cordless and rechargeable
• very quiet (less than 50 dB) but powerful
• excellent for smaller dogs
• affordable kit

• may not work well on the facial area
• the USB cable does not have an adapter, so you will have to charge it on your computer/ laptop or use your phone adapter or power bank

Get this if you have a Poodle, Bichon, or a curly dog breed.

Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed

8. Wahl Professional Animal U-Clip Pet, Dog, & Cat Clipper & Grooming Kit

Wahl is on the list again! The products are phenomenal and range from low to high-end purchases without ever sacrificing quality.

This clipper is on Amazon and can go up to an incredible 7,200 strokes per minute, which is excellent for thicker coats. It weighs 1lb and measures 6.5×2 inches.

The U-clip clipper can groom the face, ears, paws, and those sensitive areas. It is designed for coolness, full trims, and the occasional touch-up. Since it is a kit, you will find adjustable #30-15-10 high-grade steel blades, a styling comb, a clipper blade guard, three attachment color-coded guide combs (1/8″ 1/4″ 3/8″ & 1/2″), blade oil with a brush, and a storage bag. You may use it with or without the cord depending on whether or not you want a continuous stream of power or if you need to move around. The power cord is 8 feet, the battery type is NiMH, and it will take about 4 hours to charge. That said, the clippers will be usable for up to 120 minutes.

• powerful heavy-duty motor (goes up to 7200 spm)
• great for thick coats, but can be used on lighter coats as well
• cord or cordless use
• can be used on the face and sensitive areas
• adjustable blades for varying lengths
• less expensive than other Wahl models

• some users have said that it is mildly noisier than other Wahl clippers
• better for a small to medium-sized dog, though some have said they used it on a German Shepherd, and it worked fine!

You will enjoy these clippers if you have a Spaniel, Yorkie, Cavalier, Shih Tzu, or Maltese.

Wahl Professional Animal U-Clip Pet, Dog, & Cat Clipper & Grooming Kit

9. Hansprou High Power Dog Clippers

Hansprou makes convenient but stylish clippers. This one, for example, is a brilliant rose gold if you fancy that sort of thing. You can tell a lot of work went into making it as ergonomically sound as possible.

Specs and Features

This high power clipper has a motor that kicks up to 7000 RPM, and it will last forever. The 5000 mAh lithium battery can go without being charged for 8 hours, or you could pop the cord in and use it connected to a power source. Owing to the detachable high-quality titanium alloy, plus the ceramic moving blades, this clipper does not snag or heat up. Hansprou has designed this with a sharper 35-tooth cutter and in an R-shape so it will be easier to avoid accidentally cutting your pet. It has low vibration, is quiet (only up 50 dB), and comes with four guide combs. Find it here on Amazon.

• cuts like a dream through thick fur
• powerful, and long-lasting battery life
• cordless and corded use
• unique 35-tooth cutter and ergonomic R-shaped design
• quiet and low vibration to keep pets relaxed
• reasonably priced for the function

• only has one speed

Do you have a larger dog like a Siberian Husky, King Shepherd, or a Golden Doodle? If yes, this clipper is the one to get. Many small dog owners like Schnauzers and Poodles gave this clipper positive reviews as well.

Hansprou High Power Dog Clippers

10. Wahl Professional Animal Bravura

Yes, I know, another Wahl product, but they are one of the bigger and better pet grooming supplies manufacturers out there.

Specs and Features

This one is going to be a splurge item for sure. You will find it here on Amazon. At such a price point, you must be wondering what is so special about it. If you are a more seasoned home- groomer, or if you are practicing to be a professional groomer someday, this one is for you. This clipper gives you that pet salon or grooming show finish without having to leave the house. It is light-weight (8.8 oz / 2 lbs), measures 4.5 x 6.25 x 10 inches, yet still ergonomically designed for comfort. It has 5000 spm with a 5- in-1 blade (#9-10-15-30&40) and a cord/ cordless possibility for use over long periods. Without the cable, the clipper runs for roughly 90 minutes, but it charges in 60 minutes. If you previously owned other Wahl models like Arco, earlier Bravura models, Figura, Chromado, Motion, and Creativa, then these clipper blades will be compatible with those. The Bravura intuitively provides automatic power increases or decreases depending on the thickness of hair or fur. It is gentle enough for the tuft between the paws and the ears. The entire kit has the clipper, of course, a 5-in-1 fine blade set, six attachment guide combs, blade oil, cleaning brush, charge stand with charger, and a storage case.

• heavy-duty motor
• gives great finish
• cordless/ corded use
• easy to hold and maneuver

• costs more than other clippers

Buy these clippers if you want that pet grooming salon-like finish and do not mind splurging a few extra dollars. It will be great for smaller to medium-sized dogs.

Wahl Professional Animal Bravura

The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

You will quickly come to realize that weight, shape, noise- level, coolness, blades, motor, and cord are primary concerns of the home groomer.

Weight and shape

If your clippers are too heavy or odd-shaped, they will cause your arm to fatigue quickly and could lead to injuring your pet. Look for S or R-shaped clippers when you can. The Wahl Arco clipper is my go-to for this factor.


Our fur babies have sensitive ear flaps/muscles and way better hearing than we do (fun fact: up to 40,000 to 60,000 hertz), so if your clippers are too noisy or have too much vibration, it could frighten your pet and have them squirming around. Ideally, no more than 50dB is going to be a decent level to look for in your clippers. The Bousnic clipper is my go-to for this factor.

Coolness, blades, and motor speed

Too hot of a clipper runs the risk of burning or irritating. The cooler your clippers are, the better. Depending on your expertise in-home grooming, your motor needs will vary. Typically a 2-speed motor will work best for many home groomers, and having detachable blades is crucial for getting the right length, those sensitive spots, and a smooth finish. The Wahl U-Clip clipper is my go-to for the highest spm of 7200.

Cord versus Cordless

Having a cord or cordless clipper ranks high for many home groomers. If you prefer a corded clipper, the cord’s length comes into play. Most power cords afford for a 14-inch stretch. I like the Andis with the 14- inch cord, but most clippers have generous lengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use human clippers on my dog?

-Pet clippers are the way to go if you want to avoid bruising or injuring your pet. Dog clippers have special motors designed to run longer, and most of them are quieter to keep your dog relaxed.

2. How often should I groom my dog?

If all things were standard, I would say once a month. This varies depending on the length of hair/ fur, the breed, age, and other factors.

3. Can I groom my dog’s belly and sensitive areas?

Yes. You can. There are special clippers and special blades to consider, but we mentioned some for you above, like the Wahl U-clip clippers.

Final thoughts

There are many clippers out there for home grooming use. Be sure to find the ones that will work well with the dog breed that you have, size, and the type of hair they have. Feel free to share if you have tried any of the clippers listed above and let us know how they worked for you. Happy home grooming!